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Beat the heat bc

What is Beat the Heat bc?

Beat the Heat BC is campaign project created by a group of students from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about the 2021 heat dome and future extreme heat events that affect the lives of many British Columbians.

To learn more about Beat the Heat check out our final report.
Heatwave-related Deaths
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To help reduce British Columbians exposures to extreme heat and reduce the risk of heat-related deaths.


To inspire action towards reducing British Columbians’ exposures to extreme heat by:

  • Offering accessible and educational information about exposures to extreme heat
  • Providing unique expertise that organizations can use to set evidence-based priorities for research, policy, and practice
  • Offering relevant, up-to-date information that addresses how exposures are impacted by seniors, known for being a vulnerable group 
  • Supporting efforts to reduce exposure inequities across British Columbia 

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